Discover a fascinating underwater world

The allure of water

Bring a piece of nature into your home. biOrb aquariums are designed to not only be functional, but to be beautiful as well. Once filled with decoration a biOrb transforms into your very own aquatic paradise. Pair our aquariums with our extensive assortment of sculptures, plants, and décor for a truly remarkable underwater world. 

All in one

Smarter design makes fish keeping easy. You don’t need to be a fish expert! 

biOrb makes this hobby accessible to everyone. We made it easy to set up and get started by putting everything you need in one box.

Fish Keeping

Also as an aquarium – the biOrb comes with everything you need to create a healthy home for fish.

Inspired by nature

The unique filtration is based on the natural cycle of fish waste in the wild

MCR Light

16 different-coloured looks that can be remote-controlled, and four time-cycle options

Easy Cleaning

Effortless cleaning and maintenance




1. Air driven filtration system creates vigorous water flow and a constantly changing water surface. This maintains oxygen saturation.

2. The circular flow of water then collects any fish waste on its way down.

3. It draws the waste through the ceramic media where the natural biological filtration absorbs some toxins. The freshly oxygenated water also feeds the bacteria.

4. Any remaining waste is trapped in the sponge cartridge. The water then passes through resin particles and natural stabilizers to remove toxic substances and keep the pH levels constant.

5. The clean water is then oxygenated as it flows back up the bubble tube to repeat the cycle.

Limitless Creativity

Unleash your creativity when you arrange decor to create a personal underwater world.

biOrb offers a vast variety of decorations so you can design your biOrb to be as unique as you are.